The Storm
Spirit DolphinThat night he dreams. His ship is in a heavy storm. It is running before the wind, towards the East. Dark purple sky hangs above him. The rain and wind have melded the sea and sky together. By some miracle the ship still has most of its sails. If he were to stop or turn about he would be swamped. It is a ship of war, its guns below deck, near the sea. The light of reason directs his passage from the cabin, aft. But it is not enough.

In acting to save the ship, he is swept overboard, soon lost in the waves. It seems that he has died and is totally alone. He no longer knows his friends and shipmates. He is spirit, he swims in the ocean under the ship, a dolphin.

But perhaps he is not alone. He hears a voice, "You are dead".
"Did you kill me?"
"No, it happened some time ago. You have just realized it."
He says, "But where is God?"
"You are parted for a little while, but I am here to guide you."

Like the wind in the world above, he is in a current of destiny. It surrounds him, informs him, protects him. He doesn't know this yet, but he is leaving the past behind, moving from his old to his new name, the beloved's name. He has traveled that special way of healing, far from his quiet village. But apart from the spirit of destiny, he is totally alone.

He awakens and feels all the unimaginable horror of dying in total abandonment, a little taste of Hell.

But at that time, he was not aware. Beneath the ocean of death there are three flowers, each with three petals. Unlike the masculine world above, they speak of feminine grace and power. They are of incredible beauty. They grow in dynamic ways and their number is nine, of transformation. They are at one with the sea.

He will meet her soon, out of the darkness...

The Storm
The Inner Beloved ©2004 David J. Wilson
Updated September 26, 2004
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