The New Life
Revelation It is obvious that he has experienced a dramatic change in his consciousness, and it is an unexpected although far from unpleasant change. He feels somewhat disoriented but not at all anxious or out of control, not feeling like he has gone over the edge into some kind of psychic disorder. His feeling of calm and confident wholeness and the beginnings of a wonderful and abiding joy outweigh his concern about what it will mean to live with an optionally semi-autonomous second person within his mind.

Having had no particlar interest in growth psychology or any topic which might be associated with New Age, he has no theoretical explanation for the surprising developments he has just experienced. All he knows is that they seem very real and beneficial. He experiences very high energy levels with lowered needs for sleep and food, great outward happiness, strong physical health and a suddenly turbo-charged and insightful mind. As the days go by, his psyche begins to adapt to what has happened and these positive effects become more pronounced.

He records the details of his two dreams in his journal, they happened in the early morning of Thursday, April 29, 2004. When his regular voice lesson comes up five days later he mentions the experience to his voice and creativity teacher and reads her the journal entries. She listens calmly but seems quite interested in his experiences. She explains briefly that some people have the privilege of experiencing what Jung called "The Sacred Marriage". Integration most typically happens in midlife, and is rarer for men than for women. At last he has heard something which makes some sense of his transformation.

After the voice lesson he is quite disoriented when he arrives home and has trouble finding dinner - but it was in the oven! In recounting his dreams he had re-entered the experiences to a large extent, and re-entered the dream state too. After dinner he searches Google using his newly discovered clues, "sacred marriage" and "Jung". The first site he goes to, by Michael F. Haspil, discusses Sacred Marriage as part of the universal myth recounted in the Hero's Journey and uses The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars as illustrations. From further research, he realizes that The Sacred Marriage Within signifies a high level of integration between left and right brain thinking, typically perceived by a man as the union of his male objective self and with his female relational self.

For a while thereafter, as he encounters new experiences, he then learns their significance on the Internet, but always after the fact. This page lists the most significant of these Internet Links. But gradually he finds that the Internet cannot fulfill his continuing quest for understanding and he begins to borrow or buy the select books listed in the Bibliography.

The Inner Beloved ©2005, David J. Wilson
Updated January 18, 2005
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