The Down Staircase
Three Questions
This story is not for everyone. Please consider the following three caveats before deciding whether to continue. Watch Your Step

Firstly, while it is not my intention to present salacious or pornographic content, this narrative explores adult psychological themes and is not suitable for children of any age. For this reason I have submitted the domain address for inclusion in the blocked lists at LookSmart, Ltd. (Net Nanny), Pearl Software, Inc. (Cyber Snoop), Solid Oak Software, Inc. (CYBERsitter) and SurfControl plc (CyberPatrol).

Secondly, this is a true account of a man's soul journey, much of it taken from personal journals and correspondence. The imagery is accurate but may be uncomfortable or disturbing, especially where it concerns the subject's abusive treatment of his Inner Beloved. I suspect that his experiences in this respect are actually fairly typical, although not so often recognized or documented.

Thirdly, the unconscious is often not a friendly place. If viewing this content raises difficult issues for you, please do not continue. Dealing with negative so-called shadow material should not be undertaken without the guidance of a skilled and sensitive counsellor. In particular, the union with the Inner Beloved should not occur without having first dealt with the negative shadow self. It is vital to have a stable and mature spiritual centre before venturing into the unconscious. You do so at your own risk, and on the understanding that I cannot be responsible for any possible outcomes, good and bad.

If you are still with me, let me state my main purpose in telling this story. For those who have encountered the Inner Beloved, or indeed united with him or her, there is very little experiential material available on the Internet with which one can compare notes. Even with the best of support, it can be a challenging and disorienting process, especially for those who cannot connect to others with a similar experience. So this is the story I need to tell.

If you are ready, take the flight of downward steps and join the journey in the realm of the unconscious...


The Inner Beloved ©2004 David J. Wilson
Updated November 11, 2004
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