Her Cell
The Prisoner
The PrisonerThis is a story of oppression: the story of a soul held in bondage, an unrecognized and forgotten prisoner, an unjust captive in an unacknowledged dungeon. This is a prisoner who serves an undeserved sentence, condemned to painful shadows for the crime of loving too much, condemned to the unbearable torture of separation from her lover, condemned to that separation by her very same true love.


She sings in the dark where none can hear her, she paces in the dark where none can see her, she waits in the dark where none come near. She wants to dance, yet her cell is too small. She wants to breathe, yet the air is still and stale. She wants to touch, yet the stone is cold and grey. She yearns for the moon, yet it is far from her. She yearns for sweet waters, yet feels foul dampness. She yearns for the live earth of sacred forest, yet she lies down on a stiff plank bed.

She wants to love him, yet he gives his love to others. She wants to dress well for him, yet all she has are filthy rags. She wants to comfort him, yet he will not hold her close. Yet sometime he may visit her, so she cannot think of escape. He may despise her and assault her, he may ridicule her and humiliate her, yet she will always hold true to her one eternal love.

He is her lover, her jailer, her Lord in his castle, the Lord in her heart. But though he starves and beats her, he just cannot be rid of her. Though to him she is a nightmare and a pathetic fantasy, she will not quit from haunting him. Though to him she is an unspeakable shame and burden, he cannot seem to kill her. He seems like an angel to her, though to him she is the very Devil herself.

Her story is not unique, her life sentence not at all unusual, yet Amnesty International knows nothing about her. Millions of sisters share her sufferings, yet so few are ever released.

Who do you hold in your dungeon?


The Inner Beloved ©2004 David J. Wilson
Updated November 11, 2004
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