A New Journey
A New Life

Inside the soul of every conservative man, a bold and beautiful young woman is longing to be released. Once free, his life becomes rich and full, dynamic and never predictable. For women the experience of integration is often more subtle, since our society's patriarchal bias encourages girls to grow up with a well developed masculine focus. Indeed, women often experience the opposite problem of having an overdeveloped masculine identity, at the expense of their feminine root.

Following a successful integration with the Inner Beloved, the process of integration and healing continues as never before, this miraculous entity serving as a master key which opens so many undreamt of doors. There is always an underlying joy, even in the midst of deep pain and sorrow. The journey passes ever closer to wholeness, even as the vista and choices expand.

Yet it probable that wholeness is never quite achieved, which may be just as well. For in perfection may come detachment, loss of relationship and a disconnection from suffering, making it impossible to help and to heal others. For what purpose would such a life be lived?

In the year following this initial contact and integration, unsuspected and profound discoveries continued, sometimes making the initial union with the Inner Beloved seem almost inconsequential. As in most things, one step builds on another, and from a single watershed moment an ocean expands before us.

There is limit to how large a web site can be and still remain effective. A book is still preferable for larger and more detailed projects, and can reach wider audience with greater depth and scope. For this reason I have chosen to devote my further energies to writing a book on the theory and practice of encountering and growing with the Inner Beloved. I do not plan to put any further development into this site for the foreseeable future.

However, in the meantime I have put a significant part of my further experiences at the Aeclectic Tarot Forum, particularly in the subscriber only Spirituality Forum. Whether or not one reads Tarot, these forums form a supportive and healing community, a surprisingly rare find among the many disputive and ego driven online environments. I use the screen name Sophie-David.

Thank you for following me this far. As this chapter closes, many new ones will open. Until that happens I would be happy to answer any questions you may have via email.

The Inner Beloved ©2005 David J. Wilson
Updated October 6, 2005
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