Keep Me Close to You Always
Go To the Window My Love
A New Day
Integration As a new day begins in the life of the big city, he feels some anxieties - it all seems too good to be true. Could he somehow lose Sophie?

She says, No one in earth or heaven can separate us, except you.
But will I do that?

Use your marriage as a model - have you ever wavered from your commitment?

Keep me close to you always, you have nothing to fear.
And so he keeps her close, that fear soon passing into distant memory.

Together they walk through the streets. What do you think of what you see? And the rain?
Its wonder-full! They look at the sky, the skyscrapers, the people, the detail of the street. There is beauty in all things, even the ugliest.
Yes... you are right. You are taking the role of wise woman today.
We can go out to play later.

He has a certain nervousness about going out into a strange group of people with this profound personality change - will there be instability or uncontrollable responses? But the course goes very well, relationship has become easy and engaging. He notices a shift in his perceptions:

  1. This time he enjoys the people parts of the course more than the theoretical - he really delights in the mix of personalities.
  2. He enjoys the energy of the extroverted male rescue pilot at his table group.
  3. He finds the cold reserve of the Asian woman at his table group disturbing - couldn't she emote once in a while?
  4. He has little tolerance for the irrelevant when it is brought up to the group at large - off topic complaints, etc. - and is surprised when he finds that he has totally tuned them out.

In fact, when he takes the Myers-Briggs personality evaluation, based on Jungian psychology, he finds that his self-estimate is incorrect since it was based on his previous results. What was Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, and Perceiving has changed to Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Perceiving. He decides that the test is contextual: the more flexible the personality the more variable the results. Nonetheless it does seem that there has been a global change.

At four the following night, after an unnerving encounter with unresolved shadows in the psyche, Sophie whispers, Go to the window, my love. They go to the window and he looks down on the city.
Look at the moon. It is mine. He wonders how she knew it would be there.
I know. You are Diana the Huntress. He realizes that she may be young, but she is far from weak. They return to bed.
You have promised to nurture me, but we didn't have much time alone together. Sing to me love, with your heart, not your voice.
He knows that even if he never sang again, the wholeness would remain and grow.

The Inner Beloved ©2005 David J. Wilson
Updated October 6, 2005
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