His Beloved

This is a story of liberation, a story of rediscovering the dreams of youth, of finding long forgotten love, of taking a long journey and of at last coming home. This is a story of high passion, of hard fought victory and of sacrifice to death. This is a story of dreams that come true, and of a world that becomes a dream.

It is an old familiar story because it speaks of a truth that every heart already knows, but the mind often forgets. In every woman and man, a similar story is waiting to be lived. Life is not meant to be a life sentence, just as death is not meant to be a death sentence. Each of us is born an adventurer, a hero with an eternal quest.

It is so easy to lose the way. We live in a perverse world that enchants us with lies and deprecates our truths, separates us from our spirits and divides us from our bodies, clogs our memories and confuses our souls. We fall early into our own tomb, thus sealed away from nature within and without, above and below.

Yet in this story a man escapes the fate that was shaped. By some circumstance too strange to be an accident, he unearths his path and relives his story. It all seems to be a little bit out of his conscious control, but not resisting too much he arrives, quite unknowing of the destination, guided by forces without and within. At each stage he looks back and then discovers where he has been, just in time before again he takes another unexpected turn.

If you are ready, come join me on this journey. Even if no one has told you the path, you already know it. Like me, you have merely forgotten.

But as in every good quest, first you must encounter the gatekeeper who has three questions for you to answer. Answer them truthfully and you will come to no harm...


The Inner Beloved ©2004 David J. Wilson
Updated September 25, 2004
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