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Naming the Beloved
A Rose Mandala The newly discovered part of him he is calling "Creative Self" or "CS" soon makes it clear that it is important for her to have a name - and she did not come with a name. She does not care what name he chooses for her, as long as it is not the name of someone he knows - so as to reduce the potential for anima projection.

He thinks of the name Sophia, knowing that it means divine wisdom, and has the vague sense that Christian mystics may have used this name for their animas. But he realizes that Sophia is far too formal a name for his Inner Beloved, who is very vivacious and playful, so he calls her Sophie.

Although her voice is always with him, he has not seen her image since the union and assumes that she is the same age as himself. But in recounting his experiences with his teacher he makes an interesting discovery, that his anima is a fairly immature counterpart, her developmental age in the mid-twenties. It makes sense that this neglected and undernurtured part of himself would not have developed at the same rate. Also, this would partly explain why, in common with many men his age, his fantasies were of younger women. In fantasizing or acting out their fantasies of a relationship with a young woman, they project their longing for the anima onto the external world.

After discovering that Sophie is somewhat immature, he is a bit disappointed. He is ready to nurture her and help her grow, and her company is certainly delightful, but he feels like the mid-life man who acts on his fantasies with a young woman, and then finds that living with her is less than satisfying (unless of course his developmental age still matches her chronological age). Her over-the-top emotional responses to seemingly trivial mistakes remind him very much of the trials of living with a teenage daughter - "give it a rest already!"

But in the days following, he sees Sophie much more positively. Her youthful energy and fertility, her courageous intuition, enthusiasm and confidence are just what is necessary to make the sacred marriage work. While she may be a bit trying at times, she has a lot of gifts to offer. And her best years are still to come...

He notices that since the union, Analytical Self (AS) has gone into overdrive, attempting to apply reason to everything in sight - the analytic continues to be vitalized and infused by the intuitive. He realizes that AS needs to process the new order of things as part of the integrative process, and senses that the recently named Sophie is tolerantly smiling over it - but she will soon be asserting her new freedoms and demanding his full attention. He is just starting to see the potentialities that this release of the feminine self implies. Its quite an incredible gift - how will he use it for good?
The Inner Beloved ©2005 David J. Wilson
Updated January 24, 2005
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