The Morning Above The Morning After
The Morning Below
A New Self It is not a restful night, so when the alarm wakes him in the morning he shuts it off and falls asleep again.
When he wakes later, he continues the dialogue between Creative Self (green script) and Analytical Self (
blue script) in a dream-like state.
When you join the feminine to the masculine you will become completely masculine.
Integration, like the integral calculus that we had difficulty with.
But you saw the beauty!
Yes, the discovery of a life principle, how volumes and mass changes, how energy changes. How to predict and measure that amount of energy.
You saw the beauty, you saw the life principle.
Like a capacitor, a model of energy storage.
We are capacitors. And the differential calculus?
To measure and predict the rate of change.
How change occurs. You have difficulty with change.
Yes, "change sucks".
But change brings life, it is life. Do you want to resist change?
Like an inductor?
And resist life? You know change is creative.
It brings life, it renews life.

Allow change, celebrate change,Integrative Dynamics
be thankful for change.
See its beauty, its perfection,
universal laws displayed by physical laws,
All is one. Become one.

Surrender the self, but live the moment.
The moment is the crux of change, the wave of change, life itself.
We are beginning to speak with one voice.
That is integration.

When he shaves this morning, he is surprised to discover that he's cut himself in two or three places. Creative Self says that being creative is being tolerant of mistakes: Analytical Self will need to let go of perfection. Analytical Self concludes that Creative Self is a bit of a smart ass. He is only just starting to realize what the liberation of the creative self is going to mean to him...
The Inner Beloved ©2004 David J. Wilson
Updated November 26, 2004
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