Dark & Light
The Sacred Marriage Within
Yin & YangHe dreams again. He is the observer, in a dark place, and his Creative Self (green script) is a voice on the right, his Analytical Self (blue script) is a voice on the left.

Why do you suppress me, confine me, control me, torture me?
Oh sometimes, that fantasy before I go to sleep? That's what that means?

You fear the feminine.
Yes, you are my feminine self, my creative self.

In a sense feminine yes, but it goes beyond that.
But I do let you out, I let you out lots and feel better for it.
But why do you confine and control me before you sleep, like its the last chance before you surrender to your dreams?
Fear of mother.
Yes, but I'm not your mother, I'm you. If you can't engage in positive fantasy before you sleep, if you can't let go, then at least read some positive fiction or creative non-fiction, don't engage in destructive fantasy, it does us no good.
OK, I'll try, we'll try.
I want us to join together, to let me fill you, to embrace you.
To become one, to integrate.
Yes, to embrace you, to heal you, to wholeness. Embrace, embrace, embrace...
A mantra...
Surrender to the mantra.

The mantra continues. As it continues a sense of wholeness comes over him, over his body. Then there is an image of sexual union between Analytical Self and Creative Self. He later thinks this is noise and initially suppresses the union from his memories. In the sexual intercourse both participants are in a sitting position, as equals. They are two images of his body, but with the differences caused by gender. It is not titillating to him as the observer, but simply a statement of truth. Then there is a brief image of the foetus in the womb.

He feels the creative energy flow and senses it. The discomfort of his sick body is supported, healed. Sometime during the dialogue he wakes up and consciously feels the physicality of his body and senses the physical change. As this creative energy flows he relaxes and surrenders, and then returns to sleep.

She and He, both are free.

The Inner Beloved ©2004 David J. Wilson
Updated November 2, 2004
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