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There are many references to "anima", "animus", "individuation" and "inner beloved" on the Internet, but quite a few are incidental or superficial. These are the links I found which were the most useful to me.

6 - Love and Alchemical Eros presents an image of the sacred marriage within. I saw this illustration very soon after my union. The coital position shown on this Tarot card is very close to the one I experienced, a sure sign of an archetype at work.

The Aeclectic Tarot Forum certainly lives up to its name, presenting many other paths to growth besides the Tarot. I have found this a very supportive and stimulating online community in which to continue the journey.

The Alchemy Web Site including Null and Void: Richard Roberts explores alchemical and psychological metaphors of transformation.

Androgyne: The Union of Opposites Within is a collection of interesting links on the androgyne with short descriptions.

Anima-Animus displays wonderfully descriptive and somewhat amusing graphics together with concise definitions of the Jungian theories of anima, animus and individuation.

The Art of Conscious Longing discusses the rewards of longing for the Inner Beloved.

Bayside Swedenborgian Church and here contains a description of anima dreams, a rare find on the Internet, although I found the subject's psychological material rather depressing.

Brain Hemispheres and Theories of Intelligence presents technical theory on the left and right brains, and the corpus callosum which joins them together. Following the sacred marriage, the corpus callosum must become a highway in rush hour!

Carl Jung - Individuation Process is a good summary, with a great graphic of the psyche.

DrBernardSButler and Dr Bernard S Butler: Jungian Psychological Medicine are together perhaps the best references to the individuation process available on the Web. But I do wish that Dr. Bernard would finish his thesis!

Jacquelyn Small has a short but interesting extract on the Inner Beloved from her book Embodying Spirit.

J.R. Haule's Web Site is the best I have found for a deep, intelligent and informed presentation of the Inner Beloved and related topics. Dr. Haule has generously uploaded several of his fascinating books to this site, of which Romantic Love covers much of the same material as I touch on here, but from the point of view of a widely read and experienced Jungian Analyst.

Myths of the Months offers some short transformational stories, most of them related to the encounters with the unconscious.

Sacred Marriage and The Hero's Journey Main Page has enjoyable illustrations of the hero's journey using The Lord of the Rings and other stories from popular culture.

Sophia, The Holy Spirit, The Divine Feminine contains links to sacred sexuality in some Christian contexts.

This page of Sufi Poetry expresses the classic yearning for and union with the Beloved in inspiring elegance and honesty.

Tarot Class by Michele Jackson provides a concise reference for those interested in exploring the archetypes using the Tarot.

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