The Jailer
The JailerHe is a successful, respected man. He has a steady well-paid job and starts a home business in preparation for early retirement. He lives in a beautiful old house with a view, quiet but in the heart of the village. It is an intimate community, surrounded by the glory of the mountains, the forest and the ocean. He is a dweller in paradise,
but yet...
has he forgotten something important that he really has to do?


He loves his wife and family, and they love him in return. He loves his country, his community, the sea, the sky, his electronics, his music, his books. He loves God, he loves truth and beauty, peace and justice, harmony and progress. He is in love with life,
but yet...
why is his love so dry and incomplete?

He breaths clean air and exercises daily, he has regular habits and eats good food. He thinks logically, stays focused, he remains motivated and organized. He is well-spoken, good-natured, he knows how to play games and have fun. He rests well,
but yet...
why is he always tired?

He has a spiritual life and thinks deeply, he has gone for counseling and his conscience is clear. He lives with discipline and moderation, is calm, confident, and well balanced. He dreams pleasantly, with never a nightmare,
but yet...
has negative fantasies just before he sleeps.

Do you know this man?

His Keys
The Inner Beloved ©2004 David J. Wilson
Updated September 25, 2004
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