Abiding with the Inner Beloved

In the fourth possible outcome following the discovery of the Inner Beloved, one unites and abides with him or her as an intimate life partner. As in any healthy relationship, there are positive and negative dynamics, days of distance and days of closeness, times of exaltation and times of trial. But the more the Beloved is respected, trusted, nurtured and treasured, the more the Beloved can give in return. This inner relationship has the potential of being the most perfect one the living soul can experience.

It may be asked that if the relationship with the Inner Beloved can be so perfect, what need can there be to relate with anyone in the outer world? But in my experience, the release of internal love within the soul brings the whole psyche to a higher octave of passion which cannot help but spill over into the world. One desires to share and express the abundance and transcendence of the inner love, and it overflows the apparent limits of the soul. Outer relationships may not be able to absorb this love's abundance, but art becomes a wonderful blotter, soaking up the excess, preserving balance and connectedness.

It is the previously unconscious projection of the Inner Beloved and the subsequent disillusionment when one's human partner cannot live up to this projection that destroys so many relationships. But when one discovers and abides in perfect inner union then one realizes that no one can take the place of the Inner Beloved and that no one needs to. Then one begins to understand, value and accept those around us as they really are, not as imperfect substitutes for the missing inner soul.

However, intimate human relationships are indeed stressed and challenged following union with the Inner Beloved, no longer by implicit comparison with the Beloved or by the Beloved's hidden jealousy, but indirectly through the newly deepened social awareness that comes from the integration. One looks at the world in a more complete and intelligent way, and all things are subject to re-evaluation by the analytically intuitive mind. The newly holistic self looks at love and relationship with greater insight and understanding. Relationships which are no longer loving are seen for what they are, and abusive behaviour by either partner becomes crystal clear.

On the other hand, the overflowing release of inner love seeks an external outlet. One desires to win back one's human partner to the intimacy and erotic heights which were experienced in first relationship, to love at the level of the Self, reflecting the transcendence of persona and ego that are experienced within.

The danger is that this outpouring of rejuvenated love may be overpowering for one's partner, leaving him or her feeling disoriented and inadequate. And no matter how positive one's personality change may be, it is inevitable that the couple will encounter a difficult period of adaption. But if both are patient, persevering and understanding, and enough common ground and interest remains, there is the potential that the couple will learn to love as never before, mirroring the deep Self-level union which one or both partners have experienced within.

The Inner Beloved ©2004 David J. Wilson
Updated May 28, 2005
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